Wednesday, February 9, 2011

:::Sanah Helwah ya Ukhti:::

I never have an intention to wish "happy birthday" directly to you...
Not by sending SMS at your handphone, not by sending an email, 
and not by posting at your wall in facebook.
Rather I chose to wish through my medium, my site, or my "diary"...

Since your birthday comes, I pray for you, pray for your better life..
Hope that you always get Allah's pleasure, bestowed to have long live, 
therefore you keep istiqamah in doing good deeds and maintain in the right path...

The most important is to be a genuine Muslim by obeying Allah and Rasulullah as well as 
to serve your parents.

Sincerely, it is special for you..
Happy 21th birthday.. May Allah bless you.. =)

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